CPS originates from a former division of Linotype-Hell Limited that had responsibility for the sales and marketing of Linotype desktop scanners, Linotype font products and Linotype mid
range pre-press equipment. The scanners and pre-press products were distributed nationally through a variety of indirect sales channels whereas fonts had been sold into the UK and many
international markets.

The Linotype connection is long and historic. In 1979 Linotype-Paul Limited (as the company was then known) launched the World's first dedicated type supply service (selling
over-the-counter fonts on film strips) to provide broader access to Linotype typeface products, this service became known as Fontshop. For the next 18 years Fontshop became the
cornerstone of Linotype’s UK type supply chain and the foundation for today's CPS business.

In 1996 Linotype-Hell was acquired by Heidelberg and the Linotype businesses around the world were integrated into Heidelberg organisations.

In September 1997 Linotype Color Publishing Solutions Limited was formed in the UK (as a subsidiary business of Heidelberg Germany) to handle the Linotype font, desktop scanner and
indirect pre-press business. The company name was changed to Heidelberg Color Publishing Solutions Limited in 1998 and a new brand was introduced for the desktop scanner range
called ‘Heidelberg Linoscan’.

Creative Publishing Solutions Limited was established following a Management Buy Out of Heidelberg CPS Limited in April 2000. The new independent company also acquired the Fontshop
brand as part of the MBO and continues to sell fonts under this name today and on-line via

To strengthen its font distribution position, CPS acquired Fontworks UK Limited and the highly regarded webshop in October 2000.

In 2006 CPS acquired AtomicType Ltd. (which included the Megatype font business from the north of England) and a third webshop to become the largest independent
type solutions provider in Europe. The CPS group of font businesses now supplies over 100,000 fonts from more than 100 leading foundries and has also developed its own foundry of
2,000+ fonts that are re-distributed Internationally under the Fontworks brand.

Following huge success with Linotype and Heidelberg scanners (over 16,000 units sold into the UK), CPS went on to sell Fuji and then ground breaking Creo scanners in 2002, becoming
the UK exclusive distributor for Creo by the end of 2003. Following the acquisition of Creo by Kodak, CPS now sells Kodak iQsmart scanners, proofing and colour management products
and sources practically any product to meet customer solution requirements. CPS also provides a full range of Extended Warranty and Service Contract products for Kodak scanners and
maintains the UK installed base.

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