Creative Publishing Solutions has a long and historic association with all aspects of font supply, font licensing and font
solutions provision. The CPS font business originated from the type department of Linotype in the UK (1979 – 1997),
was part of Heidelberg for three years (1997 – 2000) and became independent in April 2000 via an MBO. During this
time the font business has changed dramatically and CPS has kept evolving to become the broad based font service
and solutions provider it is today.

Here is a run down of what we can provide:

We offer more than 100,000 font products from all the world’s leading type foundries via three commercial webshops:, and and act as a font publisher for a growing number
of font designers – our own typeface library now extends to more than 2,000 fonts.

Font services and solutions include: Font Licensing, Custom Fonts, Webfonts, Font Embedding, Logo Fonts, Fonts
for Computer Games, Fonts for Billboards, Language Solutions, OEM, Commercial Product Licensing, Font Auditing,
Legal Use of Font Software, Compliance Advice, Intellectual Property (I.P.) advice and Font Asset Management. We are
also a specialist provider of Corporate Font Solutions and license agreement services with vast experience of
intellectual property assignment, contract writing and dealing with all the tricky aspects of font licensing and compliance.

CPS also offers a comprehensive range of custom font services and solutions from minor alterations and modifications
to complete bespoke font creation. We can provide a full range of language solutions, intermediate font weights, special
character additions, logos, screen enhancement, font conversions, custom naming etc. and can include fixed term
licensing, perpetual licensing or full IP assignment – for more details go to our Custom Fonts section and refer to our
useful products, services and licensing pdf downloads located at the bottom of the page.

If you would like further information or wish to discuss any font related topic, please call us on ++44 (0)1242 285100 or
One of our favourite fonts:    
Fast CPS has been a member of the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) since 2000 and supports
and promotes the legal use of font software.

CPS GUIDE TO TYPEFACE LICENSING.pdf - Font Licensing guide containing suggestions, tips and advice.
CPS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES GUIDE.pdf - Font Products & Services overview: Custom Fonts, Corporate Fonts & Font Licensing.  

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