During a service visit we perform a general scanner health check, internal clean and re-setting of the scanner to factory specifications (where required).
But while on site we are also happy to provide a little extra training, troubleshooting and to answer any operational questions that you might have.
We will also make a pre-visit telephone call to discuss any problems with you and to check currently installed OS and application software versions.

Standard Service Visit procedures and checks are as follows:

– Installation check over (cables, connectivity etc.) to ensure that your system set up is all in order
– Host computer software troubleshooting check to ensure that your computer Operating System and oXYgen Scan application software are compatible and
   conform to a manufacturer supported configuration
– Internal cleaning as required of major components including mirrors, CCD assembly and lubrication of moving parts
– Alignment check of CCD assembly and other moving parts plus setting adjustment to within tolerance of manufacturer specifications where required
– Running of Diagnostic software Tools which check electrical components and key parts for malfunction and checks general settings for operation within
   tolerances specified by the manufacturer
– Re-setting and adjustment as required
– Re-calibration of the scanner to ‘within tolerance’ settings to provide optimum performance
– Storing of the new calibration data on the host computer
– Production of test scans for final quality check
– Advice provided on findings and any remedial actions that might be required
– Completion of written service report and sign-off

If you would like further information, please contact CPS on 01242 285100 or e-mail

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