CPS has a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of scanning, scanning
technology and scanning techniques. We can advise on and provide complete
scanning solutions (Macintosh workstations, monitors, colour management, printing
and proofing), or undertake scanning projects for customers who don't want to scan

For high-end scanning, CPS offers the most advanced flatbed technology available,
the cutting edge range of scanners from Kodak: the iQsmart 1, iQsmart 2 and
iQsmart 3, (more can be found in iQsmart Scanners). In addition, we also sell
quality used iQsmarts and used Creo EverSmart Scanners such as the Jazz Plus,
Supreme and Supreme II (go to: Used Scanners).

Apart from the iQsmart range, CPS can source many other scanning products
including Book Scanners, Document Scanners and A2 Scanners.

For all new and used iQsmart and EverSmart machines, we provide a comprehensive
range of Extended Warranty, Service Contracts and Service & Repair options.

We also provide Scanning Consumables such as repro wipes, transparency cleaner,
compressed air canisters, anti-static cleaner, non marking tape, anti-newton ring oil,
mounting gel, oil mounting foils and other scanning accessories.

If you have a scanning job to produce please call for a quotation and refer to
Scanning Services.
During the scanning boom of the late 1990s
(when CPS was part of Linotype-Hell Limited and
later Heidelberg), the renowned Linotype Jewel
scanners, Linotype Jade, Linotype Saphir,
Linotype Saphir Ultra, Linotype Opal, Linotype
Opal Ultra and Linotype Circon, created new
levels of scanning quality across the A4 and A3
markets. These machines were then replaced by
the Heidelberg Linoscan range: the Linoscan 1200,
Linoscan 1400, Linoscan 1450, Linoscan 1800,
Linoscan 2200, Linoscan 2400, Linoscan 2650
and Heidelberg Quickstep. CPS also sold the high
end Heidelberg Nexscan A3 scanner and went on
to sell the Fuji Finescan 2750 and Quattro A3
machines. These scanners are all now obsolete,
but you will find further information about them in
Discontinued Scanners.
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