All iQsmart 3, EverSmart Supreme II and Eversmart Select II models include a unique,
additional software module called oXYgenScan for Scientific Research. This powerful tool
provides manual and automatic focus options at custom defined levels above the base glass.
It provides the user with the capability to accurately scan objects mounted on slides of
different thicknesses and to make multiple layered scans of different sections of the object.
There are also a variety of file types to choose from that provide further dissemination
capabilities of either raw or toned scanned data.

oXYgenScan for Scientific Research is a major addition to oXYgen Scan software developed
mainly for the benefit of research scientists, medical laboratories and forensic science.
However, these precision tools are also of great benefit to many other scanner users who
have special scanning requirements in such areas as digital archiving, antiquity and historical
artifact preservation where originals are held on glass plates, held between two glass panes,
adhered to glass, mounted in frames or other unusual formats.

oXYgenScan for Scientific Research must be installed as a separate oXYgen scanning
application and is suitable for use within OSX 10.3, 10.4 and 10.5 operating environments.

– Negative or Positive scanning modes
– Focus Parameters: Base Glass Plane, Air Space, Glass Space or combination of all three
– Focus Modes: Base, Base+, Manual, Batch, Auto
– Batch Focus Mode Options: Section Height, Section Height Increment & Number of Sections
– Custom Resolution: Specifies number of Pixels Per Millimetre (DPM) or Pixels Per Inch (DPI)
– Rotation: a degree of rotation can be selected from a list to rotate ’on-the-fly’
– Mirror: check box to mirror image ’on-the-fly’
– Automatic Image Indexing Option
– Automatic Naming Convention Option
– A range of File Type Options for Data Capture (see below)

The data list includes a variety of file types for the final scan:

– Raw 16 Bit RED Single Channel
– Raw 16 Bit GREEN Single Channel
– Raw 16 Bit BLUE Single Channel
– Raw 16 Bit RGB Triple Channel
– Toned 16 Bit RGB
– Toned 8 Bit RGB

RAW DATA: This data type does not contain any automated image processing.
TONED DATA: This data type contains image processing such as sharpness, automatic histograms, profiles, gradation etc.

OXY SCIENTIFIC.pdf - oXYgen Scan Scientific Research overview.

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