With literally thousands of off-the-shelf fonts available to choose from you might wonder why any further variation is
necessary or needed? There will always be circumstances when you just can’t find the right font for the job but
commissioning a completely new design offers so much more: you can create precision branding and visual distinction
for your corporate image, make a unique statement in any advertising or design project, you can have complete
exclusivity, full control over intellectual property (IP) and above all else freedom to use your typeface for any application
and in any manner that you choose.

On the practical front you might think that costs would be prohibitive but with the licensing of existing retail typefaces
becoming increasingly complex, restrictive and expensive, the custom route is often a much more viable solution and
far better value for money.

CPS offers a comprehensive range of custom font services and solutions from minor alterations and modifications to
complete bespoke font creation. We can provide a full range of language solutions, intermediate font weights, special
character additions, logos, screen enhancement, font conversions, custom naming etc. and can include fixed term
licensing, perpetual licensing or full IP assignment. We also offer expert contract preparation services to cover the work
we undertake with any required assignment. Further information can also be found in our Products and Services
download pdf (located at the bottom of the page).

The CPS group has provided a broad range of custom font solutions for a great many top, blue-chip companies over
the years including: Reebok, Royal Mail, BP, Vauxhall, Orange, KPMG, Mars, AstraZeneca, Lego, Sainsburys, Volvo,
Hewlett Packard, RBS, British Telecom, Unilever, Citroën, Deloittes, Scottish Power and BG Group to name a few.

Why not see what we can do for you?

We can provide:  – advice and initial consultation to discuss and define your requirements – provision of formal quotations
– preperation and provision of concepts, design ideas and samples
– professional advice on all legal, copyright, IP, trademark and licensing issues
– provision of visuals and critique samples throughout the development stages
– contract preparation (where required) for assignment of rights and/or special conditions

We guarantee: – highly versatile design expertise – top quality workmanship, excellent service and reliability
– delivery of professionally crafted products in any format for use in any media

Our custom font services include: – new, bespoke typefaces designed and created completely from scratch – fonts created from existing artwork supplied to us
– modifications to existing fonts and logos
– creation of logos and logofonts
– creation of extended language coverage and additional codepages such as Central European, Greek or Cyrillic
– creation and addition of new weights to an existing type family
– creation and addition of special characters such as ligatures, alternates, small caps and old style or lining figures
– finely tuned, hinted fonts for increased on-screen legibility and sharpness at small point sizes
– re-spacing and kerning of fonts to meet your specifications
– font conversions to different formats, e.g. PostScript to OpenType
– custom font naming
– barcode and bitmap fonts
– OpenType coding and programming of OT features

Please call CPS on ++44 (0)1242 285100 or email for further information.
Small selection of work produced for our satisfied clients:
KPMG – core logfont created for the leading accountancy firm.
Callaway Light
CALLAWAY – custom headline face created for the biggest
name in golf clubs and golf clothing.
BG GROUP – a leading player in the global energy market,
updated versions of their corporate typefaces including the
addition of Central European, Cyrillic (including Kazakh) and
Arabic character sets.
– custom headline font created for the
popular gin label.
HOTELS.COM – handwriting style custom font incorporating
icons and Central European.
– custom logofont created for the
banking giant..
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