If you need to move your iQsmart or EverSmart scanner to a new location (either in the same building or to another site), CPS can take care
of everything for you. We can make sure that your scanner is properly prepared for the move and then re-connect and re-calibrate at the
new location so you are up and running again in the shortest time possible and ready to scan.

Great care should be taken when moving your scanner as you must ensure that the optics transport mechanism is locked correctly. You also
need to ensure that your scanner is only ever transported the right way up. Many users get this wrong and need an engineer visit to sort
things out. Incorrect locking and non-vertical transport can result in component damage and alignment issues.

The CPS relocation service includes a mixture of the following:

– Optics moved into the correct position and then locked
– System power down and disconnection
– Scanner, cables, software etc. packed into packing box (provided by CPS if original box is not available)
– Delivery to new location
– Scanner optics unlocking
– Re-connection to scanning host computer
– System compatibility and problem check
– Scanner calibration
– Data table creation and profiling set up (if required)

If you would like further information and prices, please contact CPS on 01242 285100 or e-mail
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