Typefaces are the most essential part of visual identity and corporate branding. Your typographic identity and the
typeface you choose to express it says a lot about you as a company. Having a well considered font that complements
your Corporate Identity and provides immediate brand recognition is crucial in today’s busy market place, especially if
you are to have the visual distinction that sets you apart from your competitors.

But when it comes to choice where do you begin? Typeface selection is not just about distinctive appearance, corporate
fonts have to be sufficiently equipped to provide a wide ranging ‘solution’ as well – signage, printed publications,
Powerpoint presentations, online branding, multimedia, television, mobile devices, multi-lingual coverage, cross platform,
third party use etc. – there are many facets that need to be considered and accommodated. Then there is a mire of legal
and licensing complexities and challenges to deal with.

CPS is well versed in all aspects of providing corporate font solutions and uniquely positioned to provide the expertise
and knowledge required to fulfil the most demanding requirement. We can work with your internal brand management
and legal teams or chosen branding consultancies and design agencies on projects large or small, and with a reputation
for inventiveness, reliability, efficiency and competitive prices, we will ensure your corporate fonts are a great success.
Some of our satisfied clients include: Orange, KPMG, Shell, NBC, British Telecom, Unilever, SKF Group, Standard Life,
BG Group, BP, Legal & General, Nokia, Cadbury, SAB Miller, Trinity Mirror, Lego, Hewlett Packard and Scottish Power.

To make the most of your brand, email or call us on ++44 (0)1242 285100 for advice or assistance
with your corporate font, font licensing or bespoke font design requirement. Further information can also be found in our
Products and Services Guide download pdf (located at the bottom of the page).
A selection of popular corporate fonts:

Font Selection
–  We can advise on font choices, versions, availability, supplier conditions and whether a retail font or bespoke solution
is the most appropriate route to meet your requirements.
Retail Font Choice
–  If you find an “off-the-shelf” font that matches your design requirements we can investigate and check for license and
content suitability, quote for license costs, extended license costs and character set additions, modifications, custom
naming and any other variant that might be required. TIP – Many retail font suppliers impose restrictive license terms
and can be inflexible when it comes to any variation, make sure you check all license terms thoroughly before use.

Bespoke Font Design
–  If you are not satisfied with an existing retail font (and there can be many reasons: can’t quite find the ‘right’ typeface,
license restrictions, high cost, insufficient character set and so on), then you might want to consider a custom made,
bespoke font, designed and developed to provide you with exactly what you want. We can offer manufacture only,
manufacture with an exclusive license period or outright assignment with total ownership. This is often the most cost
effective solution as licensing retail fonts for even a relatively moderate number of users is generally quite expensive.
Aesthetics and Usage
–  Does your typeface choice contain sufficient weights?, do you need true italics? (many sans fonts contain obliques –
slanted uprights), do you need lining, old style or tabular figures? Do you need to cover bodycopy, headlines, display
and signage use? What about web, TV, digital and multimedia? And what about screen optimisation for maximum
legibility at small sizes? We can answer all the questions and many more.
Language Coverage
–  Most fonts cater for Western European languages but this can be limiting if you are a progressive corporate that is
pushing into Eastern Europe and beyond. We can source the best fonts for the job with the broadest character sets
that can include Central European, Eastern European, Baltics, Cyrillic, Greek and Turkish all in one font. We can also
cater for exotics such as Arabic and Asian languages. Whatever the requirement we’ll find the most suitable solution.
Technical Issues
–  We can advise on all common technical issues such as Macintosh and Windows compatibility, operating systems and
applications, missing characters and monetary symbols, character locations, corporate font integration, logo font
integration and general font performance.
Distribution and Font Hosting
–  Once you have a corporate font solution in place you will need to distribute the fonts internally and to selected third
party organisations and contractors. Many companies specify us within their brand guidelines as a source for supply
of their corporate fonts. We can host a custom made download package for you on one of our websites and you can
publish a direct link in your corporate guidelines to make sourcing and distribution straight forward. The download
packages can contain your logo and any other components that you might wish to include.
Corporate License Agreement
–  With vast experience of intellectual property assignment and contract writing, we can create a corporate license
agreement specifically for you with variable terms and conditions tailored to suit whatever your needs might be and
accommodate a suite of additional terms: corporation wide (enterprise) global licensing, multiple locations, custom
font creation (bespoke fonts), IP assignment, logos, language options, third party use etc.
Note: might not be available for all retail fonts or with font products from certain manufacturers.
To make the most of your brand, email or call us on ++44 (0)1242 285100 for advice or assistance
with your corporate font, font licensing or bespoke font design requirement
CPS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES GUIDE.pdf - Font Products & Services overview: Custom Fonts, Corporate Fonts & Font Licensing.
CPS GUIDE TO TYPEFACE LICENSING.pdf - Font Licensing guide containing suggestions, tips and advice.

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