With the convergence of world markets and the global reach of the internet, businesses of all sizes are benefiting from
the growth in international commerce. To help address this demand it can be very beneficial to communicate in local
languages, especially if you are a corporate company. Consequently, when making font choices it is of paramount
importance to consider the extent of language s upport available in your font to ensure you have everything covered. Whether you need a comprehensive multi-lingual font solution or just need to set a few words in another language,
we can help and advise on the most suitable and cost effective fonts and options.
As a completely independent operation we can also look at possibilities from all sources and suppliers rather than
being limited to a single foundry. It is then possi ble to fine tune fonts with the addition of specific characters and
additional languages to suit any requirement. In cases where an off-the-shelf product might not be quite right we can
also produce a completely unique custom solution, please see Custom Fonts.
Satisfied multi-lingual font solution clients include: Orange, KPMG, Coutts Bank, Royal Mail, NBC, Unilever, Lego
SKF Group, BG Group and Hewlett Packard.
For any language requirement, please email or call us on ++44 (0)1242 285100. Further
information can also be found in our Products and Services Guide download pdf (located at the bottom of the page).
Language Solutions
Font Selection
We can advise on font choices, versions, availability, supplier conditions and whether a retail font or bespoke solution
is the most appropriate route to meet your requirements.
Retail Font Choice
If you find an “off-the-shelf” font that matches your design requirements we can investigate and check for language
coverage and license terms, quote for license costs and any character set additions, modifications, custom naming or
other variant that might be required. TIP – Many retail font suppliers impose restrictive license terms and can be
inflexible when it comes to any variation, make sure you check all license terms thoroughly before use.

Bespoke Font Design
If you cannot find a suitable retail typeface, then you might want to consider a custom made, bespoke multi-lingual
font solution, designed and developed to provide you with exactly what you want. We can offer manufacture only,
manufacture with an exclusive license period or outright assignment with total ownership. This is often the most cost
effective solution as licensing retail multi-lingual fonts can be quite expensive.
Language Coverage
Most fonts cater for Western European languages, but a broad multi-lingual font can offer so much more. We can
source the best fonts for the job with the broadest character sets that can include Central European, Eastern
European, Baltics, Cyrillic, Greek and Turkish all in one font. We can also cater for exotics such as Arabic and Asian
languages. Whatever the requirement we’ll find the most suitable, cost effective solution for you.
License Agreements and Assignment
With vast experience of intellectual property assignment and contract writing, we can create a license agreement
specifically for you with variable terms and conditions tailored to suit whatever your needs might be and provide full
IP assignment where total ownership is required.
For any language requirement, please email or call us on ++44 (0)1242 285100.

CPS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES GUIDE.pdf - Font Products & Services overview: Custom Fonts, Corporate Fonts & Font Licensing.
CPS GUIDE TO TYPEFACE LICENSING.pdf - Font Licensing guide containing suggestions, tips and advice.

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