SilverFast Ai software is a professional scanning and image optimisation solution that can
be used with a wide range of desktop scanners, high-end scanners and digital cameras.
It contains a suite of powerful, easy-to-use tools that provide the user with the ability to
obtain high quality scans combined with predictable, controlled colour management.

SilverFast Ai utilises an intuitive user interface combined with sophisticated, professional
scanner and image controls. Novices and experienced operators alike will appreciate the
unique real-time operation and the intelligent automatic functions as well as the ability to
manually adjust the image at any stage.

SilverFast Ai is individually adapted and designed to get the best results out of each
scanner supported. Variants are available for both PC and Macintosh platforms in OSX.

For previous CPS customers with any Linotype or Heidelberg scanner, CPS has compiled
a quick reference compatibility table that illustrates which platform and operating systems
are supported for each scanner model – please see download pdf below. Most scanners
will only operate via a SCSI port but in some cases a SCSI to FireWire adaptation is
possible so that later computers can be used. Please note that specific SilverFast
versions with specific drivers are required to operate with all Linotype and Heidelberg scanners (available from CPS).

If you have any questions or would like further information please call CPS on 01242
285100 or contact us by e-mail on

CPS can also supply SilverFast for any other supported scanner brand/model.
SILVERFAST.pdf - Compatibility table for supported Linotype and Heidelberg scanners.

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