Font products, like all other computer software products, are supplied with a limited use End User License Agreement
(EULA) that stipulates what the applicable terms of use are. However, unlike other computer software, the licensing of
font products has become increasingly complex as EULA terms vary from one vendor to the next and a growing number
of uses are either not permitted or not included.

Most uses other than basic desktop use require the purchase of an additional license. Using system fonts might seem to
be a cheap and simple alternative but these fonts are also limited to very basic print & preview use on one computer and
are not licensed for any other purpose.

Consequently, many font users are unaware that they have integrated or are using fonts in a manner that is unlicensed,
illegal and could lead to criminal and civil proceedings for theft, copyright theft and infringement. It is just as illegal to
copy a font as it is any other piece of software (software piracy).

CPS can help: we have comprehensive knowledge and experience covering all aspects of font licensing and can advise
and recommend best practices, suitable products and the most affordable license solutions to suit all requirements. We
are a font publisher and an authorised reseller of all leading, branded font products. We are familiar with all current font
licensing practices and expertly qualified to provide any professional help and advice you might need.

If you would like advice or further information about any type of font licensing or wish to discuss any issue, please email or call us on ++44 (0)1242 285100.

Further information about font licensing and extended licensing options are detailed below, please also refer to our
useful CPS Guide To Typeface Licensing download pdf (located at the bottom of the page) for suggestions, guidance
and advice on font licensing, font piracy and how to sort out your fonts and font licenses.
We provide licenses and license solutions for the
following applications:

Multi-User Font Licensing
Multi-Site Font Licensing
Global Font Licensing
Corporate Font Licensing
Device Licensing
Set-Top Box Licensing
Web Font Licensing
Font Embedding Licensing
Font Licensing for Computer Games
Commercial Product Licensing
Broadcast Font Licensing
Fonts for Film and Video
Fonts for Billboard Use
Fonts for Software Products
Fonts for Hardware Products
OEM Font Licensing
Most fonts are purchased with a basic End User License Agreement (EULA) that defines the number of computers that
are permitted to use the font(s). This might be limited to 1 computer but is typically up to a maximum of 5 computers
(sometimes referred to as CPUs or workstations). TIP – Don’t automatically assume that all fonts are supplied with a 5
user license, there is an increasing trend to include 1 license only and fonts bundled with other software products are
invariably only licensed for 1 computer.

If you need to install fonts on more than 5 computers you will require a Multi-User License (MUL). As you increase the
number of computers to be licensed the cost per font/per computer reduces dramatically so buying a sufficient number
of licenses isn’t prohibitive. When you buy fonts from any of our webshops (,
or you can purchase additional licenses in the shopping cart. This is a very easy process as the price is
updated automatically as you input the required number of users. You can also contact us by email or telephone for an
off-line quote or to extend any existing License. TIP – Remember, it is illegal to use fonts on more computers than your
license permits and watch out for foundries that levy additional charges for use at more than one location.

The above principles apply to most font products with the exception of font libraries and font collections. These bulk
purchase products are supplied with fixed tier licensing for 5, 10 or 20 users. Further multi-user licenses are then added
in blocks of 20 users. This is the most economic method of buying fonts as the cost per font/per computer is the lowest.
TIP – If you need to use a high number of fonts, a font library is the best way to buy them.
EXTENDED USE & ALTERNATIVE USE FONT LICENSING TIP – When choosing a font for any job or campaign
make sure that the applicable license conditions are
checked thoroughly before final font selection – costs
for using practically identical fonts can vary enormously
and highly restrictive conditions can apply to one font
but not to the next.
There are now many new types of font licensing that need to be considered if you wish to display fonts within modern
communication media and technologies or incorporate fonts into any type of digital product. You will require a specific
or tailored License if you want to use fonts within: web pages (webfonts), digital newspapers, eBooks, eMagazines, any
other online literature, internet broadcasts, streaming, downloads, television, film credits, video, set-top boxes, mobile
devices, computer games, digital billboard displays, digital point of sale displays or if you want to distribute fonts as part
of a software or hardware product.

CPS can provide a variety of extended use font licenses and alternative use font licenses to meet practically any
requirement that you might have. Key licenses include:

Multi-User licenses (MUL)
–  This License increases the number of users permitted to use font software by a specific number and relates to
desktop use only for print and preview applications.
Corporate License
–  We can create a custom license with variable terms and conditions tailored to suit whatever your needs might be and
accommodate a suite of additional terms: corporation wide (enterprise) global licensing, multiple locations, custom
font creation (bespoke fonts), IP assignment, logos, language options, third party use etc. This can all be wrapped up
within a tailored agreement created specifically for you.

Web Font Embedding License
–  Advancing internet technologies now provide a facility that permits you to incorporate any font software into your web
pages. We can provide a specific Web Font Embedding License to cover Font Software used for this purpose.

Editable Embedding License
–  If you want to embed Font Software into documents in a form that permits the recipient to modify the document
without having the fonts installed on their computer (Print, Preview & Edit embedding) you will require the addition of
an Editable Embedding License.
"Selling fonts is no longer about the simple supply of a
digital version of an alphabet or set of characters – it is
now being driven by the value and benefit derived from
a spectrum of intellectual property uses."CPS, Jan 2011
Commercial Product License
–  If you want to embed Font Software into any type of product that attracts a fee, subscription or other form of financial
benefit you will require a custom Commercial Product License.

Web Server License
–  This license permits Fonts to be installed onto a server for unlimited distribution internally (intranet) or externally (via
the internet) as part of a product, application or service.

Broadcast & Film License
–  This license permits Font Software to be used in titling, credits or other forms of attribution for any on-screen
broadcast via television, cable, satellite, internet, motion picture and for any digital billboard or point of sale use.

Hardware/Software Alternative Product License (OEM)
–  Sometimes referred to as an OEM (Other Equipment Manufacturer) license, this license permits you to embed,
include, combine, use Font Software for commercial distribution as part of another product or device such as any
software product, hardware product, Games, DVDs, Set-Top-Box, mobile device etc.

Please note: License terms, coverage, consents and costs may vary widely from one supplier to another.

Creative Publishing Solutions has been a member of
the Federation Against Software Theft since 2000 and
supports and promotes the legal use of font software.
If you would like further information or wish to discuss any font licensing issue, please call us on ++44 (0)1242 285100
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CPS GUIDE TO TYPEFACE LICENSING.pdf - Font Licensing guide containing suggestions, tips and advice.
CPS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES GUIDE.pdf - Font Products & Services overview: Custom Fonts, Corporate Fonts & Font Licensing.

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