In addition to Extended Warranty, Service Contracts and support, CPS also provides a range of other useful services.

For most scanners we provide a full installation and training package, we can also provide a range of training courses to suit your
requirements either on-site or at our offices in Cheltenham.

If you need to relocate your scanner to a different part of the building or to another site we can take care of the whole process and ensure
that everything is handled correctly so that you are up and running again as quickly as possible.

We also undertake scanning projects, either at our premises or on-site. If required we can temporarily install a full scanning solution on-site
and undertake your scanning project to suit your preferences.

Further information on these topics is covered on the following pages:



Relocation Service

Scanning Services

If you would like further information and prices, please contact CPS on 01242 285100 or e-mail sales@cpsnet.co.uk.
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