If you don't need all the advanced capabilities provided with the iQsmart 3 but still want superior quality and high
production speeds, then the iQsmart 2 is the machine for you.

The iQsmart 2 surpasses any other scanner in its price range and features exclusive XY-Stitch and inverted CCD
technology to give you fine, sharp, detailed scans from any kind of original. With XY-Stitch you can scan up to ninety
six 35 mm slides in one job, all at the highest resolution if required.

The iQsmart 2 is supplied with the oXYgen Scan application, the premium scanning and image editing software from
Kodak (developed by Creo). Intuitive controls, automation and intelligent default settings place a huge amount of
imaging power at the disposal of novices and experienced professionals alike. Easy to use controls give you high
quality results very quickly – you determine the scan‘s intended use and oXYgen does the rest for you. Or, you can
make up your own preferred profiles and apply them when you want. A full set of professional image-editing tools are
also included.

If you are considering an iQsmart scanner you might also want to take a look at the iQsmart Oil Mounting Station
and other iQsmart Options.

For all new and used iQsmart machines, we provide a comprehensive range of Extended Warranty, Service
and Service & Repair options.

For further information please download the pdfs located at the bottom of the technical information section below.

Please call CPS on 01242 285100 or e-mail for current prices and availability.
Film: All Sizes – Pos/Neg – Slides – 35mm – Glass Mounted
Line Art – Black & White – Artwork – Drawings
Magazines – Reflectives – Printed Materials
Fine Art – Original Artworks – Scans for Giclee Printing

Scanning Technology – XY-Stitch
CCD Technology – Inverted CCD: tri-linear 10,200 element
Resolution – 4,300 x 8,200 dpi optical resolution
Colour Depth – 48 Bit (16 Bits per channel)
Density – 3.9D Maximum Density
Scanning Speed – Up to 50 scans per hour
Enlargement – 20% – 2,700% with no loss of detail
Extended Workflow + Parallel Workflow – Optional
RGB Workflow – Standard feature
CMYK Workflow – Standard feature
16 Bit Archive File Types – RGB TIFF, B/W TIFF
oXYgen Scan for Macintosh – Available versions compatible with OSX 10.3, 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6
Scanning Area (A3+) – 305 x 457.2 mm (12 x 18 in.)
Scans any type of original – Transparent (pos/neg), framed slides, glass mounted, line art,
reflective (unlimited thickness), printed material.
Interface – FireWire IEEE 1394
Dimensions and Weight – H 240 x W 850 x D 950 mm. Weight 35 kg (77lb)
oXYgen LE for PC
Extended Workflow + Parallel Workflow (increases productivity to 85 sph + background scanning, foreground operation)
Oil Mounting Station
iQsmart scanners are compatible with G4, G5, G5 Intel and Mac Pro computers only, they are not compatible with any iMac,
Mac Mini or Laptop computer and these computers are not supported by Kodak or CPS.
IQSMART 2 BROCHURE.pdf - Kodak iQsmart 2 Brochure.
IQSMART 3 BROCHURE.pdf - Kodak iQsmart 3 Brochure.
IQS GUIDELINES.pdf - Key information you should consider when using an iQsmart scanner.
IQS CONFIGURATOR.pdf - Details recommended Mac/Mac OS software/oXYgen Software combinations.
IQS SPECIFICATIONS.pdf - Instant specification comparison between iQsmart 1, iQsmart 2 and iQsmart 3.
Galleries – Museums – Libraries – Government Authorities
Books – Fragile Originals – Odd Size Items


iQsmart scanners use an exclusive scanning technology called
XY-Stitch. This facility delivers consistent sharpness and resolution
across the entire scanning bed. This uniformity and precision
means that any size original can be scanned at the highest
resolution available when placed anywhere on the scanning bed.
Other CCD scanners use zooming and multiple lens technology
that provide a ‘sweet spot’ for higher resolutions (often a narrow
strip down the middle of the bed) and are limited to much lower
resolutions for larger originals.

The iQsmart innovative inverted CCD (Charge Coupled Device) is
a unique design feature that virtually eliminates fine dust particles
that settle on the surface of the CCD head, a major source of
image degradation. This type of dust contamination has plagued
CCD scanners due to the amount of retouching needed to remove
dust ‘noise’ from the scanned image.

The OMS is another unique design feature used exclusively by the
iQsmart and EverSmart scanner ranges. The scanner base glass
has a simple removal system so that it can be taken out and
replaced by the off-line OMS frame. Use of multiple OMS frames
greatly improves productivity in demanding environments. Bathing
film in oil conceals cracks and scratches (reducing retouching time)
and enhances image quality particularly where enlargements of
800% or more are required.

Scanned on iQsmart 2 – 35mm original enlarged 1,050%
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