During the scanning boom of the late 1990s (when CPS was part of Linotype-Hell Limited and later Heidelberg), the renowned Linotype Jewel scanners, Linotype Jade,
Linotype Saphir, Linotype Saphir Ultra, Linotype Opal, Linotype Opal Ultra and Linotype Circon created new levels of scanning quality across the A4 and A3 markets.
These machines were then replaced by the Heidelberg Linoscan range: the Linoscan 1200, Linoscan 1400, Linoscan 1450, Linoscan 1800, Linoscan 2200, Linoscan 2400,
Linoscan 2650 and the Heidelberg Quickstep.

CPS was responsible for the sale of more than 16,000 units of these quality products in the UK, many of which continue to be cherished by users who appreciate the exceptional
build quality and outstanding results provided by these machines. General sales ended in 2002 with only a few units sold after this date.

CPS also sold the high end A3 Heidelberg Nexscan and went on to sell the Fuji Finescan 2750 and Fuji Quattro high end A3 machines.

These scanners are all now obsolete and it is very difficult to find spare parts and service engineers to maintain and repair this equipment. CPS may be able to provide a general
service for some of these models but spare parts are limited to the Jewel and Linoscan ranges. We have no parts for Nexscan or Fuji products.

The LinoColor software provided with the Linotype and Heidelberg scanners is limited to operation in OS9, there is no OSX version of LinoColor or OSX driver available. If OSX
compatibility is required we can provide an alternative scanning software solution in the form of SilverFast. SilverFast will drive most Jewel and Linoscan models in OSX but there
are some limitations: connectivity is via SCSI ports only so you will need a suitable FireWire convertor to connect to a Mac FireWire port. Please refer to the SilverFast pdf
download for compatibility options and then contact CPS for current prices and further information.

We can also provide a Silverfast/FireWire conversion package for some scanner models, please contact CPS for further details.

PLEASE NOTE: The Jade and Linoscan 1200 scanners are not supported by Silverfast.

SILVERFAST.pdf - Compatibility table for supported Linotype & Heidelberg scanners.

LINOSCAN 1200.pdf - Heidelberg Linoscan 1200 Brochure.
LINOSCAN 1400/1450.pdf - Heidelberg Linoscan 1400 & Linoscan 1450 Brochure.
LINOSCAN 1800.pdf - Heidelberg Linoscan 1800 Brochure.
LINOSCAN 2200.pdf - Heidelberg Linoscan 2200 Brochure.
LINOSCAN 2400/2650.pdf - Heidelberg Linoscan 2400 & Linoscan 2650 Brochure.
NEXSCAN 4100/4200.pdf - Heidelberg Nexscan 4100 & Nexscan 4200 Brochure.

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