oXYgen Scan is the premium scanning and image-editing software application originally
devised by Creo and later developed by Kodak. oXYgen delivers maximum productivity
and imaging potential with intuitive controls, automation and intelligent default settings
that place a huge amount of imaging power at the disposal of novices and experienced
professionals alike. oXYgen effortlessly guides operators through the process of creating
sharp, dynamic images from the broadest variety of input sources, for the largest
selection of output requirements.

oXYgen Scan has been produced in a variety of feature levels: oXYgen LE (a reduced
feature set for PC iQsmart scanners), oXYgen RGB (RGB workflow version for Mac
iQsmart 1), oXYgen Lite (RGB and CMYK workflow version for Mac iQsmart 2) and
full oXYgen Scan with a complete feature set for Macintosh iQsmart 3, EverSmart
Select and EverSmart Supreme scanners. A key feature comparison pdf is available
for download below.

There are then two other key oXYgen Scan variants: oXYgen Scan Scientific, a special
software module developed for scientific research and section scanning (provided as
standard with iQsmart 3, EverSmart Select and EverSmart Supreme scanners) and
oXYgen Dot, an optional software package for copydot scanning and digital descreening.
Please see the download pdfs covering these topics below.

All available oXYgen Scan variants are listed under oXYgen Scan Options.

If you have any questions or would like further information please call CPS on 01242
285100 or contact us by e-mail on sales@cpsnet.co.uk.
OXYGEN SCAN.pdf - CPS document comparing oXYgen LE, Lite and Full variant key features.
OXY SCIENTIFIC.pdf - CPS document overviewing oXYgen Scan Scientific Research software.
OXYGEN DOT SOLUTION.pdf - Creo oXYgen Dot and oXYgen Dot Toolkit Brochure.

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