OIL MOUNTING STATION - for iQsmart and EverSmart scanners
For the iQsmart and EverSmart scanners there is a special optional piece of equipment called an Oil Mounting Station (OMS).
This is another unique design feature used exclusively by the iQsmart and EverSmart scanner ranges. The scanner base glass has
a simple removal system so that it can be taken out and replaced by the offline OMS frame. Use of a single or multiple OMS frames
greatly improves productivity and will enhance the quality of scanned images. An OMS is a great tool in demanding and volume
production environments such as archiving.

Bathing film in scanning oil conceals cracks and scratches (reducing retouching time) and enhances image quality particularly where
enlargements of 800% or more are required. Scanning with oil can also reduce ‘grain’ in the original image.

iQsmart Oil Mounting Station, Part Number: 501R49738
(Suitable for iQsmart 1, iQsmart 2 and iQsmart 3)

EverSmart Oil Mounting Station, Part Number: 501R49737
(Suitable for EverSmart Jazz, EverSmart Select and EverSmart Supreme)

Package includes:
1 x Oil Mounting Station Frame (metal, hinged with glass)
1 x Spare Base Glass - Lower Glass Type 3 (uncoated)
1 x Rubber Brayer (roller)
1 x Mylar Sheet Pack (100 sheets)

RRP £1,499 + VAT
The glass used in an Oil Mounting Station is
different to the standard base glass provided with
iQsmart and EverSmart scanners. The standard base glass contains a special
anti-Newton ring coating to overcome newton ring
blooms that can appear when film and halftone
film are placed on glass.
Never apply scanning oil or montage gel directly
onto standard base glass as this will erode the
anti-Newton ring coating.
A spare standard base glass is included with each
Oil Mounting Station package.

CLEANING YOUR OMS & FILM ORIGINALS The OMS will need to be cleaned regularly as will
film originals after they have been emersed in oil.
CPS provides a range of cleaning materials for this
purpose, please see Scanning Consumables. Mounting in oil is not suitable for all film types,
particularly delicate historical or valuable originals.
CPS accepts no responsibility for any damage that
occurs from oil emersion.

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