EverSmart scanners utilise exclusive XY-Stitch technology to provide the highest resolution available across the entire scanning bed.

In this section please find quick access to the following pdfs that provide comprehensive technical details, advice and

EVERSMART SUPREME II BROCHURE.pdf - Kodak product Brochure with general, imaging, application and physical specifications.

ES GUIDELINES.pdf - CPS document containing key information you should consider when using and locating an EverSmart scanner.
ES CONFIGURATOR.pdf - CPS document detailing supported Mac/Mac OS/oXYgen Scan software configurations.
ES SPECIFICATIONS.pdf - CPS instant specification comparison between ES Jazz Plus, ES Select II and ES Supreme II.

OXYGEN SCAN.pdf - CPS document comparing oXYgen LE, Lite and Full variant key features.
OXYGEN ES SEL/SUP FEATURES.pdf - CPS document covering oXYgen Scan development for ES Select and Supreme scanners.
OXY SCIENTIFIC.pdf - CPS document covering oXYgen Scan Scientific software module, for use on iQsmart 3 only.
OXYGEN 2.3.5 ES PRO II FEATURES.pdf - CPS document covering oXYgen version 2.3.5 features for EverSmart PRO II.
OXYGEN DOT SOLUTION.pdf - Creo oXYgen Dot and oXYgen Dot Toolkit Brochure.

EverSmart scanners use an exclusive scanning
technology called XY-Stitch. This facility
delivers consistent sharpness and resolution
across the entire scanning bed. This uniformity
and precision means that any size original can
be scanned at the highest resolution available
when placed anywhere on the scanning bed.
Other CCD scanners use zooming and multiple
lens technology that provide a ‘sweet spot’ for
higher resolutions (often a narrow strip down
the middle of the bed) and are limited to much
lower resolutions for larger originals.

The Supreme utilises a Dynamic CCD Cooling
system to optimise the sensitivity of the CCD
by actively cooling and monitoring ambient
temperature and humidity during operation.
This feature enables the scanner to produce
the very best scans with a wider range of
colour tones and maximum shadow detail.

The MaxDR feature distills high-quality image
data to improve the dynamic range in dark to
mid-tone areas further improving the vibrancy
of delicate shadow details.
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